Football — 2017 Get It Right Demo (v1.1)

The Demo product provides the ability for potential clients to “test drive” the Get It Right® Football product prior to purchasing.


    Product Description

    The Demo product contains 3 rules, one mechanics scenario and one evaluation scenario to show features of the Get It Right products.

    Bulk Discounts

    Attention state and association leaders! Bolster your training program and help your officials improve by purchasing the Get It Right® subscriptions for them. Special rates are available for bulk purchases:

    • Quantities 11-50 receive a 10% discount (save up to $375)
    • Quantities 51-100 receive a 15% discount (save up to $1,125)
    • Quantities over 101 receive a 20% discount

    Contact for payment options and potential higher discounts for much higher quantity purchases

    Product Comparison

    Rules3 Sample RulesMore Than 50 RulesMore Than 50 Rules
    Mechanics1 Sample Situationn/a8 Game Situations
    Evaluation1 Sample Evaluationn/a7 game situations
    Video Subscriptionn/aIncludedIncluded

    Demo Videos