NCAA — 2018 Get It Right NCAA Deluxe (v1.0)

  • Over 45 Rules Animations
  • 8 Game Situations showing mechanics for crew sizes of 4, 5, and 7
  • 7 Game Situations to test penalty enforcement
  • Additional Rules and Evaluation scenarios added in 2018 are FREE to 2018 purchasers


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    Product Description

    The Deluxe product contains the Rules, Mechanics, and Evaluation modules. The Rules module offers a 360 degree view of the animation and contains text and graphics to enhance the understanding of the rule. Selected rules include variations that may apply and some include comparisons to depict "what is" and "what isn't" as appropriate.

    The Mechanics module offers the same 360 degree view in addition to fixed views that include a Pressbox view, Endzone view, birds Eyes view, and individual views from the perspective of each official—both first person (observe the play from the eyes of the official) and third person view (stand behind the official to observe the play). Vision cones are incorporated to depict where the official should look and how focused (wide view to narrow view) the official should be at that phase of the play. A text description of the official’s duties and responsibilities is also provided. Crew sizes of 4, 5, and 7 are presented which cover typical game situations:

    • Goal Line Going In
    • Goal Line Going Out
    • Kickoff
    • Onside Kick
    • Punt
    • Field Goal
    • Long Pass
    • Run Up the Middle

    The Evaluation module presents game situations that include infractions. The official is then presented with a series of questions similar to on-field discussions the crew conducts when determining how penalties will be enforced. Animated PlayPic® Officials' Signals from REFEREE Enterprises are presented where the official must determine the proper sequence of signals, not just the signals for the individual infractions. A score is generated and rule references are provided for confirmation and further study.

    The 2018 subscription expires when the 2019 version is ready

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    Product Comparison

    Rules3 Sample RulesMore Than 45 RulesMore Than 45 Rules
    Mechanics1 Sample Situationn/a8 Game Situations
    Evaluation1 Sample Evaluationn/a6 game situations
    Video Subscriptionn/aIncludedIncluded

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